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What It Is and How to Fight It

then consider carefully who you vote for in upcoming school board elections .
  • This is a fight for the soul and the future of our country.
  • Don't tell our children told they carry the unwashable stain of racial sin.
  • Let our children master real knowledge,
    rather than being taught to meditate endlessly on their own race, gender and sexuality .

  • Mental ills linked to marijuana.

  • Adolescents are "particularly vulnerable"
    to this mind-altering drug.

  • Serious psychological disturbances result!

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  • Candidate for Suffolk County Legislature

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    2016 Oration on 9/11

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    Read James Madison's letter to Stevenson
    The origin and innocence of the phrase
         "common defence and general welfare"

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      Pull the Constitution out of the fire before it's too late!

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    Pearl Harborís Leaders Did NOT Get What They Deserved.


    "In the Pusrsuit of Serving the People"

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    Background & Experiences

    "John Bugler is a man of many, and varied, accomplishments!"

      • NY State "Engineer of the Year" (1986), "Governor's Award for Highway Innovation" (1988)
      • Construction Industry: Field Superintendent;
      • NY State Department of Transportation: Innovative Projects Engineer
      • U. S. Navy veteran
      • Memberships include: 
        • Transportation Research Board (National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences)
        • National Committee for National Performance Specifications; Former Chairman of Task Force 35
        • U. S. Naval Institute
        • Association of Former Intelligence Officers
        • American Legion Post 1006: Past Commander, current Chaplain
      • Numerous volunteer activities, charitable works, and projects.  (Click for more-complete summary)
      • Nominated as candidate for legislative office.  (Congress 1990 & 2006; NY Assembly 2004; County Legislature 2007)

    JOHN BUGLER is the Founder and Director of:     

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    WEST VIRGINIA COAL MINES      Click title for complete article
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    There are times when an event is so compelling in its human drama, complexity, and heartache that you can't turn away. That's what it was like for Oakdale resident John Bugler when he witnessed the Sago Mine disaster in West Virginia. ...

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    JOHN BUGLER IN HUNGARY - 30 years later (HUNGARU KURIOR 1986)

    John W. Bugler of Oakdale says a prayer and places flowers in memory of those who died in Hungary, fighting for freedom in October, 1956.
    As a 20-year-old sailor, 30 years ago, Bugler organized a campaign that raised money to support freedom the fighters.

    (article) JOHN BUGLER IN ROME (Funeral of John Paul II, 2005)      Click title for complete article

    In spite of numerous obstacles to his pilgrimage, it appears that divine providence landed him a spot at St.Peter's Square for the momentous occasion. ... a mad dash toward the square [with] a tardy cardinal ... to witness what is believed to be the largest funeral ceremony in modern history.
    ... It was only fitting that this man from Oakdale was part of the historic event, for back in the 1980s Mr. Bugler was involved in assisting the Solidarity movement in Poland.

    JOHN W. BUGLER EMERITUS      Click title for complete article

    John Bugler of the New York State Department of Transportation has been named TRB Emeritus Member after his contribution to TRB and to the understanding of joint performance in Portland cement concrete pavements.

    ... Bugler is nationally and internationally recognized for his work on joint sealants. Throughout his career he worked to advance the concept of cost effectiveness and worked towards the implementation of pavement rehabilitation and preservation techniques.

    JOHN AT SEA (U.S.S. Abbott, in the Mediterranean; 1956)

    DD629 U.S.S. Abbott

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    Some letters to John Bugler, from a time when impossible dreams were believable and real.

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