John Bugler
for Congress

I am very honored to be the Republican candidate for Congress, in the 2nd District of New York.

Over fifty years of my life have been dedicated to public service. As a petty officer in the United States Navy, I was responsible for all electronics that controlled main battery ordnance on the USS Abbott (DD 629). Upon leaving active service, I worked for other agencies of Federal and State government. I am a Member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and an Associate Member of the U. S. Naval Institute.

Most of my career was spent with the New York State Department of Transportation. In 1986, I was named the "Engineer of the Year". In 1988, Governor Mario Cuomo awarded me the "Productivity Award for Design Innovation".

In past years, "humps" in the highway and breakup of roadway surface usually required numerous man-hours to correct, and the jobs lasted for several days. After considerable research, I developed a formula and process for a "quick-drying cement" that allowed the job to be done in three hours. While riding on our highways recently, you may have noticed white concrete patches and bands where pavement sections intersect. That cement is also derived from my formula.

I was entitled to a patent on this process, which would have made me a wealthy man. Instead I donated the rights to the State of New York. I have never regretted sacrificing my own personal wealth for the well being of the residents of the State of New York. I take great pride in the fact that my inventions have saved the taxpayers over a Billion dollars, while eliminating many safety and construction hazards, and greatly reducing the inconvenience to motorists due to construction and repair of our highways.

I believe I have an engineering solution to coastal erosion problems. This solution is innovative, yet proven; I will work hard for its implementation

My colleagues call me a "deep thinker," one who goes beyond the problems and complaints, to find a solution. The government of this nation, that I love and respect, is in serious trouble, today! It is no longer the people's government. I hope to spend my next two years finding solutions to bring back control of your government to YOU, the citizen of teh United States of America.

I will also establish a district office to help you with everyday problems you may have with government bureaucracy. I intend to be your "ombudsman," not only in Washington, but in your county and town, as well.

I will address local traffic problems such as the "Oakdale merge" with engineering savvy and a "can do" attitude. I will not stand by to let our precious barrier beaches be desecrated by further erosion. I promise you that, in Congress, I will not only be a conservative vote on taxes but pledge to make sure that every dollar that is taken from you will be used in the most efficient way possible. So that I may devote all of my effort, during the next two years, to making a better future for this district and this state, may I have your vote on November 7?   May God bless you, the State of New York, and the United States of America.

John Bugler