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Bugler In Race For 5th AD Seat
By:Laura Stiles October 06, 2004
John Bugler

John Bugler, 68, who argues that he is the better candidate for the job and vows to offer better constituent service.
This is Bugler's second attempt at a political office. He was defeated in 1990 when he ran for Congress against Tom Downey. "There is a whole bunch of trouble in Albany. They cannot seem to get anything done. I am a problem solver and ready for the job," Bugler explained.
Bugler worked for the New York State Department of Transportation for 38 years before retiring last year. He began as an engineering aide, rising through the ranks until becoming an engineer in 1979. His number one issue is offering tax relief for families with stay-at-home moms. Additionally he would seek to eliminate property taxes, stating it is a "holdover tax" from the 1800s that is no longer necessary.
"I would also work on stopping beach erosion. There is new technology that can be used to stop this now," Bugler noted. "Additionally I would get busy on fixing the Oakdale merge. That road blocks people up for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. I have some smoking good ideas to fix that area and get people home quicker to be with their families," Bugler pointed out.
"Americans are outsourcing everything to China and India. I think we should outsource to American moms. It's a noble profession when women can stay at home and work during their children's early years of development," he said.
Bugler also has the Right To Life endorsement. He urges women contemplating abortion to first get a sonogram, listen to the baby's heartbeat and then go home and decide the future.
"I also support capital punishment. The killer of Police Officers [Robert] Parker and [Patrick] Rafferty is getting three meals a day and clean linen. Meanwhile these fine officers are cold under the ground leaving families behind," he stated.
Bugler pointed out he likes Fields and would even employ her on his advisory panel if he's elected. "I have good ideas and just will do better things for our community," he said.
Bugler is a member of the Knights of Columbus and also a Chaplain for the American Legion. He is the Founder and Director of the Constitution Awareness League. He founded a Senior Citizens Defense League. He credits former Assemblyman Paul Harenberg for being a great inspiration to him. "Harenberg is a true statesman. He was someone who worked for the next generation. He was not a politician. A politician only works for the next election," Bugler quipped. He credits Harenberg for bringing the Stony Brook Veterans Home to fruition. "When elected, I will definitely introduce a bill to rename that facility to the Paul Harenberg Nursing Home," Bugler vows.
"Everyone in Albany appears to be fat, dumb and happy. I'm going there to fix things. Just like Alexander the Great who cut the Gordion knot in Damascus I'm going to Albany to change things," promised Bugler, referencing the Greek legend.

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