Election 2007

John Bugler
Suffolk County Legislature, 8th L.D.

BACKGROUND: John Bugler served as a petty officer in the US Navy. He is a Member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and an Associate Member of the US Naval Institute. Most of his career was with the New York State Department of Transportation and in 1986 he was named the Engineer of the Year.

IMMIGRATION: Bugler is in favor of creating a border in order to prevent immigrants from coming into the country illegally. He also would like to suspend all immigration until the situation is sorted out. "Taxpayers cannot continue to pay when illegal immigrants use hospitals, clinics, schools, roads and social services," said Bugler. He wants to enforce visa rules on immigrants already in the country legally and believes that individuals who overstay their visas or otherwise violate the law should be deported. "The current system is incoherent and unfair," said Bugler. "Legal immigrants from all countries should face the same rules and waiting periods."

ENERGY: Bugler supports off shore oil drilling and drilling in Alaska for oil. He wants to implement a mandate that all new housing has solar panels. He wants to bring back nuclear energy. "Every time we go to the pump we give money to our enemies," said Bugler. "We must unite together to save our future. We must help bring back coal."